Friday, Saturday and Sunday updates

On Friday I spoke to my Representative Duane Milne at our High School where he was presenting an award during an assembly. He said we only need a simple majority to get out of committee. So we need one more vote over the current 14 sponsors to win on Thursday. 

I also received a number of positive responses from the many people I emailed in which they said they had already emailed the 14 non-supporters and emailed many friends. One had emailed over 100 other people. With this volume we have a real chance of making this happen in the next few weeks.

On Saturday I did more emails and voice messages and got a few more responses.

On Sunday I got an email response from Representative Mike Vereb (R) who stated “I mosty likely will support the bill”. That could be our 15th vote!!

To email him you don’t need to fill out an email form (like most of the others require) so if you have a chance send him another asking him to be sure to support HB2420 on Thursday. His email is: .

Also if you don’t mind add a comment to this section if you do send a note and I’ll keep a tally. Comments can be left without revealing your email and you also get to preview a comment so you can check your spelling! Comments will encourage to participate more. Expressions of emotions regarding gerrymandering are encouraged! “I’m just not going to take it anymore!”

Oh, I also have a friend working on a symbol for our cause, a gerrymandered Capitol Dome with the international “do not” not symbol (red circle with slash). Hopefully we’ll get that displayed soon.

Thanks for the help.



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