Sunday June 1st – Letters to the Editor not published

These letters were in response to the Chris Satullo articles and one of the Letters to the Editor published.  Please leave a comment if you read this. It encourages more interaction.

May 31st:

Andrew Byler writes in “People’s interests” Letter to the Editor, May 31st that the current redistricting in Philadelphia is a good thing. And he insinuates that there is some fairness involved. I wonder how he will feel if the Demoncrats gain the House and his district ceases to exist? Will he still think the status quo is the way to go?
Further he clearly doesn’t understand the problem when stating “Far better that the process be controlled by elected politicians who must answer to the will of the electorate.” Andrew, they don’t have to answer to anyone once they own the district.
Dick Lolla –
102 Daisey Lane
Malvern, Pa

May 29th:

It’s clear that gerrymandering is a hidden cancer in our political system that has been left unaddressed in Pennsylvania, opening the door for inept political representation.  We do need an impartial body, rather than politicians, to handle reapportionment. Although it is disappointing to hear that the director of the Legislative Reference Bureau says he does not want the job, the job still needs be done!  It’s hard to believe that the talent-soaked state of Pennsylvania has to abandon creating the fair districting standards that other states have long ago established. How did leaders in Iowa, Arizona, and nine other states decide what constitute fair boundaries? Let’s use those best practices as our starting point instead of pandering to political roadblocks.  Good leaders find ways to get things done.  Rep. Josephs, as chair of the key House Committee you describe, and Rep Evans, of the Appropriations Committee, are supposed to be our leaders  — or are they also saying they don’t want the job?

Paula Pierce
102 Daisey Lane, Malvern

May 26th:

The articles by Chris Satullo, “Stop the Gerrymander” (Saturday, May 3rd 2008 ) and “You can help to kill the evil gerrymander” (Saturday, May 10th 2008 ) should be a wakeup call for every citizen of Pennsylvania.  This is a non-partisan issue that concerns your citizenship rights. Whether you are a Republican or Democratic you want gerrymandering stopped.
However critical committee members from Philadelphia are still not listed as sponsors for this bill. Please let them know you want fair redistricting as represented by HB2420 which is up for a vote this Thursday. If they want your support in the fall they should be providing support for you now. Let them know you are watching. Here they are:
Thomas Blackwell
Mark Cohen
Michael O’Brien
Frank Oliver
Cherelle Parker
Rosita Youngblood
Find their emails at:
If you don’t know the facts about HB2420 and gerrymandering visit the League of Women’s Voters site to learn lots more:
You can also visit this site to participate in a voter sponsored blog to get this Bill done:
Dick Lolla
102 Daisey Lane
Malvern, PA


One Response

  1. As a candidate in a rather oddly drawn (Federal) district, I can understand better than most the issue you are discussing. I support your efforts.

    Michael A. Livingston
    Candidate for Congress
    Second District Pa.

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