Some citizens really do care: GreatValley Citizens Forum

I attended the GVCitizen forum session tonight in the Tredyffrin Township Municipal Building Auditorium. The presentation was about PA State Government reform (of which we need plenty!). Tim Potts of Democracy Rising spoke about how laws are often passed unconstitutional (literally – honest I am not kidding you) and he showed actual samples. Here is his site: . It’s so good and critical for an PA citizen that I’m making it a permanent link (bottom right).

Representative Carole Rubley presented some of the reforms that have passed recently, such as Open Records.  She described the difficulty of getting even these reforms passed and of the overwhelming power of the committee chairpersons, who can table a bill for any reason they want.  Which is what Rep. Josephs did last week to try to kill HB2420. I appreciated her candor. She also mentioned how she had to work extra hard in her newly gerrymandered district in 2002, which suddenly included part of Montgomery County, in order to get reelected. 

 If you live in the Chester County area check out GVCitizens Forum:

The forum moderator was Mr. Russ Bellevance of Great Vally High School, he also had some GV kids attending. (Great Valley School District rocks, my son Luke has his last day of class tomorrow and it’s on to Penn State in the Fall!)


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