Another Letter to the Editor in the Inquirer discounting Rep Josephs

We all still need to act. It is frustrating and sometimes feels like we’re not getting anywhere but it’s the only tools we have right now. Keep sending emails.  Here’s the letter from today’s Inquirer, plus an article from the Pocono Record. The Pocono area has been greatly abused by redistricting and they are unhappy about it.

Reform stalled

In her explanation for rejecting the recent attempt at redistricting reform, State Rep. Babette Josephs (D., Phila.) cites the inadequacy of the Legislative Reference Bureau and its present staff to handle the task. This is totally off base. She is well aware that the bureau was expected to outsource the job to an experienced agency, such as a college or university or similar organization, or hire experts in the field for the specific task of drawing lines that reflect population shifts and specifically ignore present legislative and congressional districts.

It is obvious that Josephs and State Rep. Lawrence H. Curry (D., Montgomery), who wrote in her defense (Inquirer, June 3), are determined to preserve the status quo. It is no doubt due to pressure from colleagues who are worried about their future incumbency, as well as their own.

If the legislature doesn’t pass redistricting reform this month, Pennsylvania is stuck with gerrymandering as usual, where the legislators choose their voters instead of voters selecting their representatives.

Charlotte Glauser


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