Inquirer Article Today June 11: Josephs has it wrong on redistricting

This is a great article in response to Rep. Babette Josephs tabling the vote on HB2420. Rep. Josephs only has a few days to make this right and fair for Pennsylvania. Please leave her voice messages (215-893-1515) and email her.  Walk in her office if you can. ALSO notify your representatives (both House and Senate-you can find them using this blog).

Tonight I was invited to speak at the Chester County Democratic Committee monthly meeting held in West Chester. It was heartening to so many passionate people gathered as volunteers working for their party. We really do live in an amazing country.

They overwhelming voted to support HB2420 and were very much in favor of making redistricting fair.  I’m hoping they will visit here and help spread the word. We only have a few days.

 Josephs has it wrong on redistricting

If Pennsylvania’s geography requires additional mapping expertise, the bureau could hire experts from state universities.

The director fears redistricting would compromise the nonpartisan reputation of the bureau. H.B. 2420, however, rules out partisan maneuvers such as considering recent voting patterns, voter registration data, and incumbents’ addresses in drawing district lines. In addition, the transparency of the process will demonstrate impartiality.

Josephs wrongly claims the bill gives “a bureaucrat full authority to make hundreds of critical decisions.” H.B. 2420 requires consultation with an advisory commission, a public record of all redistricting communications, widespread publication of proposed plans, and public hearings throughout the state.

Josephs says she is willing to “examine alternative proposals.” However, time is running out to reform the system for the 2011 round of redistricting. Reform organizations and 93 lawmakers, cosponsors of H.B. 2420, stand ready to work with Josephs to give Pennsylvanians fairer representation in the next decade’s elections.

Sara Steelman

State chair
Common Cause/PA

Andrea Mulrine

State president
League of Women Voters

Read it on the Inquirer:



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