Catch up with the Pocono Record, no wonder they are angry

Monroe County is represented by 6 PA State Senators, none of which live in the county. Incredible that we let this happen.  Below is a round up of all the good writing posted in June from the Pocono Record. Keep sending emails and leaving voice messages. I am convinced it does make a difference.

THis link shows the districts

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Citizen apathy results in gerrymandering, bad government

June 13, 2008

Editor, the Record:

I congratulate the Pocono Record for its aggressive and substantive campaign to get citizens involved in changing Pennsylvania’s political redistricting process. It’s great to see our local newspaper thoroughly informing its readers about something that really affects their lives, then digging into that problem and strongly advocating action.

Getting people talking about making changes to Pennsylvania government is a daunting task, especially when it involves a cause that doesn’t have the same direct impact as property tax reform or road construction plans.

Lack of citizen concern is what allows bad government to happen, and so it is vitally important that local newspapers keep readers in touch with the weighty issues that really matter. As financial pressures increase on all of us, we need to realize that how we live is directly affected by how we are governed. Not paying attention to the decisions being made, either on a local or state level, has real consequences in our community.

Problems triggered by the staggering growth of the Poconos, for example, are not the fault of the thousands of people who have moved here. Our problems can be blamed on every citizen who paid no attention to the local planning and zoning decisions that enabled the growth without taking into account the inevitable consequences.

So when it comes to problems affecting our area that can only be solved by having our own champions in Harrisburg, we, the citizens, are to blame for letting Monroe County’s representation become so fragmented. We have allowed our political leadership to define their own legislative districts for too long.

It will take a loud outcry from citizens to make change happen, so add your voice. Change has to be enacted very soon, or things will stay as they are for another 10 years.


Delaware Water Gap

Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition


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