One Senator’s fight that “failed”: SEN. ROBERT J. MELLOW

Senator Robert Mellow is trying to get fairness in Pennsylvania. Read his June 15th response to complaints he’s not getting it done.

Note that he’s one of the very few supporters of SB346 that has spoken up and he deserves credit.  Now that it was voted out of committee (as he says he was waiting for) let see what he does. The rest of House and Senate seem to have retreated behind the skirt of Rep. Josephs.

The Charge against him The “Gerry” awards by the Poconos Record.

His rebuttal and below, plus many more good articles from the Pocono Record.

He’ll support a redistricting reform bill, when he’s good and ready!


I was very disappointed in a recent Pocono Record editorial that attacked me for my long time efforts to place Monroe County into a single Senate district.

While someone writing a letter to the editor can be excused for playing fast and loose with the facts, I would have thought that seasoned journalists who have extensively covered my efforts to bring a single Senate district to the Poconos would have been more responsible. While your editorial acknowledges me for “fighting hard to get Monroe County its own senator, you then unfairly attack me because those efforts failed. As opposed to what? Is it better to have tried less because you somehow see that as failing less?

In your baseless condemnation, you offer no context about how I have been fighting an uphill battle on redistricting reform against an entrenched Republican majority in Harrisburg for over two decades.

You don’t even detail my efforts over the years to get Monroe County its own Senate seat — and what’s more troubling on this count is that I believe you’ve reported on my exhaustive exertions! Don’t you believe your own reporting?

You also took me to task for not co-sponsoring Senator Boscola’s reform bill. Had you taken a few minutes to call and ask why, you would have learned that I support the proposal.

However, I have consistently said that I would not co-sponsor the bill until it emerges from committee. One Republican attempt to alter the measure has already been tried — just two weeks ago.

I was perhaps most offended by your insinuation that the way the districts are drawn up causes me to favor constituents in other counties over the people I represent in Monroe County.

Had you bothered to ask, I would have been more than happy to share the lengthy list of Monroe County projects I have won millions of dollars of state funding for over the years.

Had you reviewed this list, which details projects ranging from $2.2 million for a Coolbaugh Township water project to $250,000 for the 5 Points project in Mt. Pocono, you might have learned that my efforts for Monroe County are more than proportional to projects I have helped fund in Lackawanna and Luzerne counties. I also think you would have found that my efforts are on par with other state lawmakers representing Monroe County.

I learned a long time ago that one cannot force an editorial writer to do their homework. However, if you ever do decide that you want to have a serious discussion on redistricting, just give me a call. Perhaps we can meet at my local Monroe County district office.

Pennsylvania Sen. Robert J. Mellow, D-22, is minority leader. He was first elected to the Senate in 1970. In addition to Lackawanna County, he represents Mount Pocono borough, Coolbaugh, Barrett and Paradise townships in Monroe County.


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