We need to find new ways to keep the fight going.

This blog is now over a year old. The critical time in Pennsylvania to make a change was last summer (2008) and the Legislature failed the citizens of Pennsylvania. We are now saddled by the Democrats with the same corrupt process the Republicans created to control votes in Pennsylvania for another census, which means 2010 and beyond.

Despite this failure we should continue to raise awareness of the insidious process of Gerrymandering. Seems like we freely elect our representatives but they carefully and deliberately “stack the deck” for their own purposes, not ours. Of course that makes sense, they serve themselves and their institution, not us. We citizens are a by-product of their careers.

Shall we overcome? We can, we just haven’t yet. We must educate ourselves and then we will overcome.


3 Responses

  1. TJ, Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I’m delighted to have a person like you demonstrate their intelligence in responding to my blog.

  2. I emailed my Senator, Mcilhenney, and my House Rep., Galloway, asking each to stand against gerrymandering. I hope they each show leadership skills deserving of the public trust and help end this anti-democratic practice in PA, so our votes will matter again, as we demand they should.

    I don’t understand TJ above, but I suspect he somehow benefits from the current system.

  3. This is my first time reading your blog. I think gerrymandering is the worst obvious problem in American democracy right now.

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