About this blog

This blog is dedicated to getting fair redistricting passed. The right to fair redistricting is more fundamental than the right to vote. Without fair districts your vote is lost. There is much to do in just a few weeks. If you want Pennsylvania to go from one of the worst states to one of the best in redistricting then please get involved.

Start by sending an email to your representative and leave a voice mail. I don’t provide text since they will pay more attention to personal email wording. Then always check our “NOW” section and help there. Finally please pass this on to your friends and family, especially in other PA districts, and get them involved. Keep checking back for progress.

My name is Dick Lolla. I live in Malvern, Pennsylvania. I am extremely frustrated by the political climate and political processes in our state and country. This is one act that I can do to promote fairness, regardless of one’s political affiliation.

You can contact me at: HB2420richardlolla@gmail.com




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