Rep Josephs taking well deserved hit in the press

This article in today’s Inquirer discusses how she hasn’t passed a number of reform bills.  It includes the redistricting reform of this spring. She defends herself with “if it’s not right it shouldn’t be done” hoping that the public will believe her definition of “right”. She seems to not only have lost respect, which is a shame, but lost two other very critical items:

1. She has lost a chance to make an issue of true reform for this state. And now it looks like with “Bonusgate” the Democrats gamble that they would control the 2010 redistricting may fail. They will deservedly suffer from an even worse redistricting from the Republicans in 2010 if they do lose the House this fall.

2. She lost the chance to make a “defining moment” for herself. A chance to stand up and be counted not just as a Legislator but as a true Representative of the people. She had a chance to fight “the good fight” and to be hero to all of us so desperate to witness a display of integrity in our politicians. Is is sad that she couldn’t see what could have been done. She lacked vision.

Yes, we will wait another ten years. Perhaps then we will find a few representatives that kept their ideals intact when they took their oaths.


A Good Reference on Gerrymandering Issues – it’s killing America

See this post for a good discussion about gerrymandering and it’s evils. Note that it says repeated that it is all about the politicians controlling the voters and not the voters selecting their representatives. No matter how much our Representatives give excuses, gerrymandering is one of the basic problems in America today.

Why Josephs is wrong about the LRB’s need for expertise

Rep Josephs doesn’t want to burden the Legislative Reference Bureau with the task of redistricting because she says they don’t have the expertise. The LRB can pay for help from any number of Universities in Pennsylvania and they can purchase software that does the job.

Here is one company, ( that makes software (Maptitude for Redistricting – gotta love that name!) that would help with redistricting for Pennsylvania.

Here is a quote from the company on one of the features:

MTR  includes all the municipal boundaries including counties, townships, school districts, etc. You can use these layers as building blocks to create your districts. The software will warn you if you are about to split one of these district boundaries

Celebrate the 4th and be a patriot by sending emails!

To Senate Chairman of Apropriations, Gibson Armstrong to move SB346, also Rep Joseph’s at ) to get her to move on HB2420.

If only we had independence from gerrymandered districts and true representation from our legislature!

The Democratic Leadership doesn’t want gerrymandered districts, why does Rep Joseph want them?

Check out this story on the Democratic Leadership webpage.  Isn’t it time for our leadership to do exactly that, fix Pennsylvania? What happened to our 94 sponosrs? What happended to SB346 and Rep Samuelson? Why hasn’t Rep Evans stood up to be counted?

Pennsylvania districts are illegal, check the PA Constitution

How can anyone who sees our districts and reads the  Pennsylvania Constitution  (see section 16 below) not agree our districts fail this simple test?  But because the US Supreme Court has no courage we suffer from unfair elections. Please send emails and leave voice messages to Rep. Josephs, she’s the one holding everything up.

Legislative Districts
Section 16.

The Commonwealth shall be divided into fifty senatorial and two hundred three representative districts, which shall be composed of compact and contiguous territory as nearly equal in population as practicable. Each senatorial district shall elect one Senator, and each representative district one Representative. Unless absolutely necessary no county, city, incorporated town, borough, township or ward shall be divided in forming either a senatorial or representative district.

Read David Broder on the evils of Gerrymandering

David Broder of the Washington Post writes of the evils of gerrymandering:

Gerrymandering the larger problem