Celebrate the 4th and be a patriot by sending emails!

To Senate Chairman of Apropriations, Gibson Armstrong to move SB346 Garmstrong@PASEN.gov, also Rep Joseph’s at http://www.pahouse.com/contact/viaLDPC.asp?district=182 ) to get her to move on HB2420.

If only we had independence from gerrymandered districts and true representation from our legislature!


The Democratic Leadership doesn’t want gerrymandered districts, why does Rep Joseph want them?

Check out this story on the Democratic Leadership webpage.  Isn’t it time for our leadership to do exactly that, fix Pennsylvania? What happened to our 94 sponosrs? What happended to SB346 and Rep Samuelson? Why hasn’t Rep Evans stood up to be counted?

Just found this chart, our representatives abuse our rights.

This is a statement by Dennis Baylor, Made on March 13, 2008.

The charts in this show that over the last 40 years, as the Legislature has learned to guarantee incumbency through gerrymandering, it has now split up 122 muncipalities. Previously it split only 77. This simple fact shows how wrong all the Representatives are on redistricting reform. It is needed and they are abusing the voters. Continue reading

Another Chris Satullo Article in the Inquirer on Gerrymandering

This is the fourth article in his series asking for reform however Rep. Josephs and the Pa legislative gang are stalling in hopes to keep their powers of control on the Representatives and Senators. Please continue to email Josephs and leave voice messages using contact info at the end of his article or that located on my various links and pages. Spread the word to friends and family. Time is running out on us.


Ride with me as I defy death by merging onto northbound Route 309 at Fort Washington. How ’bout we let that Hummer barrel past? (Nice mileage, pal!) Now, we spot an opening and zoom it.There, we’re on. In the seconds that took, we moved from the 153d State House Legislative District into the 151st. And in the time it took to say that, presto, we’re in the 148th!

Yet we’ve never left Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County. Three districts in 20 seconds, and we still haven’t fully sampled the gerrymandered cornucopia that is Upper Dublin. Its 26,000 souls are divvied up among four legislative districts and two congressional districts. Continue reading

Great News! The Senate has done the right thing!

The Senate State Government just voted 7-4 to report SB 346 out of Committee for a vote on the Senate floor. While the bill did not contain the amendment recommended by the League, this is a start. There will be the opportunity for amendments from the floor. Members of the Committee, chaired by Senator Jeff Piccola include in the Majority party Senators Folmer, Brubaker, Corman, McIlhinney, Punt and Scarnati as an ex-officio member.
Minority members include: A. Williams, Fontana, Hughes and Tartaglione.
No word as yet on HB 2420.

Please check in for further updates.

The Inquirer goes visual with Redistricting

Today’s Inquirer features an editoral plea for redistricting reform showing our favorite distirct SH 172.

Click here to view

Please keep sending emails to your Representative and Senator and leave voice messages. This effort is picking up momentum.


ACT NOW: The Senate State Committee meets 6-17 to vote

The Committee meets this Tuesday, here’s the Agenda:


Please email your Senator and ask them to support SB3436 and also email all the members of the committee: Continue reading