** Now Email B. Josephs (Chairperson) ASAP She is holding this up

Please continue to email the chairperson (Rep Josephs ( http://www.pahouse.com/contact/viaLDPC.asp?district=182 ) to get her to reconsider the bill and make any necessary changes.

Her letter to the Inquirer yesterday (below) is just a nice way of not getting the job done. They had plenty of time to exam the bill and change it. It’s just convenient that it is “flawed” and can’t get passed. This isn’t leadership, it’s excuses. Let her know and let the Inquirer know today.

Send your 200 words to: Inquirer.Letters@phillynews.com;

Letters: Taking Exception

Reform in name only

Pennsylvania’s system for redistricting was initiated by the constitutional convention of 1967-68 (“Pa. is losing its way,” May 29). This voter-approved change was hailed by press and governmental reform groups as critically important.Forty years later, there is undoubtedly room for some improvement, and many government reform groups coalesced around House Bill 2420, which was referred to my committee only weeks ago. Sharing their hope for reform, I scheduled a vote on the bill.

However, after I analyzed the bill more thoroughly and contacted the Legislative Reference Bureau, the office that would be charged with implementing the new procedures, I realized that House Bill 2420 is not reform.

First, the bureau’s director informed me that his office did not have the expertise to carry out the requirements of this legislation. More important, the bill would give full authority to a bureaucrat to make hundreds of critical decisions creating new districts, eliminating existing ones, and significantly altering many more without any public notice. With this bureaucrat accountable to the General Assembly, why would anyone consider this reform?

Additionally, House Bill 2420 proposes that disagreements between redistricting plans be settled by casting lots, essentially reducing this decision to a coin toss.

Finally, the bill has an absolute ban on the use of historical electoral statistics in formulating a legislative district plan. Referencing these statistics is the only way to draw districts that are competitive between the political parties – something reformers have said is important.

While I commend The Inquirer for championing changes to the redistricting process, it must be done right. I am willing to examine alternative proposals to improve the process, but passing any bill, details be damned, is not reform.

State Rep. Babette Josephs

(D., Phila.)

We can also resume the email and voice mails to these 14 State Government Members to prepare for when the next vote is scheduled. 

If you don’t have time to do all 14 just pick a few at random and email or call.

Just click here to see the list of members who still don’t support HB2420.  Click each name to get to their page to find how to email and find their phone numbers.

Only you can make them understand how important we think this is!

You can leave an anonymous comment letting us know how many emails to Representatives and emails to Family and Friends you sent out. Sign off with your Zip code so we know the area.



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  1. Sent letter out to friends and to half of the non’s, will keep checking in.

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