**Look at some of the worst districts**

Below are some of the most abusive demonstrations of gerrymandering done in 2002. Compare the reasonably “compactness” of the 1992 versions to those of 2002, which were designed to “create” districts for the abusing party. Using this technique politicians create safe zones for themselves that it is very hard to vote them out of. It protects incumbency and makes them safe from citizens voting in who we choose.

Pennsylvania State House District 172 in: (click the underlined items to view)



Readabout this one (from the Pocono Record)

Pennsylvania State House District 161

For 161 they chopped up 8 different townships then added three whole townships. Those 8 different townships are then represented by at least two Representatives (I use the term loosely).

Pennsylvania 12th US Congressional District

This was done to manufacture more US Congressional districts for the gerrymandering party by consolidating all the other party’s votes. In 1992 the party only has 36% of the districts in Pennsylvania. Through this manipulation they achieved over 50% in the 2006 election.

12th district 1992

12th district 2002

Pennsylvania 6th US Congressional District This was done to “make” a district: 6th 2002
 Look at this “cleaned-up” map and notice how every single US Congressional district is stretched and carved the fulfill a purpose of incumbency.


You can view all the current Pennsylvania State and Congressional district maps by clicking on the links under “PA District Maps” on the right. They are hard to read and hard to even see the boundary lines, perhaps it’s intentional so that we citizens cannot easily see the facts.

3 Responses

  1. These district line changes are ludicrous! This sounds so much like the state legislator pay raises from a couple of years ago — elected officials acting in secret against the public interest. I don’t think most of us have any idea we are being manipulated this way. Thank you for shining a light on this! Let’s get our state government back in the hands of the citizens.

  2. look at TN 3 and TN 4 and TN 7, All the product of Dem controlled gerrymandering.

    GOOOH 4 IT in 2010


  3. I am from TN district 7 and it is most definitely not under democratic control. It’s designed to maintained a Republican majority.

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