Pennsylvania districts are illegal, check the PA Constitution

How can anyone who sees our districts and reads the  Pennsylvania Constitution  (see section 16 below) not agree our districts fail this simple test?  But because the US Supreme Court has no courage we suffer from unfair elections. Please send emails and leave voice messages to Rep. Josephs, she’s the one holding everything up.

Legislative Districts
Section 16.

The Commonwealth shall be divided into fifty senatorial and two hundred three representative districts, which shall be composed of compact and contiguous territory as nearly equal in population as practicable. Each senatorial district shall elect one Senator, and each representative district one Representative. Unless absolutely necessary no county, city, incorporated town, borough, township or ward shall be divided in forming either a senatorial or representative district.


Read David Broder on the evils of Gerrymandering

David Broder of the Washington Post writes of the evils of gerrymandering:

Gerrymandering the larger problem


Read this exchange with Rep Mark B Cohen who supports gerrymandering

It’s long but very educational. At least Rep Cohen has the discussion. However do you need to do more than look at Rep. Cohen’s district (202) below and think something is being manipulated? If not, why so tortured? There is only one reason the Republicans did this.  Despite all the rhetoric by Rep. Cohen the fact remains the districts are not fair nor compact. I may not be able to define compact but I know it when i see it and district 202 is not compact.

Read the YoungPhilly Blog Gerrymander discussion


How can all the sponsors of HB2420 be silent?

I am amazed that I’ve not seen any Representative writing in to any paper in support of HB2420 after Rep. Josephs pulled the vote. How can over 90 sponsors be so easily cowered by the PA leadership? This inaction just demonstrates more strongly how much power is in the use of gerrymandering. Please let all of the sponsors know how disappointed you are in them.

One Senator’s fight that “failed”: SEN. ROBERT J. MELLOW

Senator Robert Mellow is trying to get fairness in Pennsylvania. Read his June 15th response to complaints he’s not getting it done.

Note that he’s one of the very few supporters of SB346 that has spoken up and he deserves credit.  Now that it was voted out of committee (as he says he was waiting for) let see what he does. The rest of House and Senate seem to have retreated behind the skirt of Rep. Josephs.

The Charge against him The “Gerry” awards by the Poconos Record.

His rebuttal and below, plus many more good articles from the Pocono Record.

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Catch up with the Pocono Record, no wonder they are angry

Monroe County is represented by 6 PA State Senators, none of which live in the county. Incredible that we let this happen.  Below is a round up of all the good writing posted in June from the Pocono Record. Keep sending emails and leaving voice messages. I am convinced it does make a difference.

THis link shows the districts

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Just found this chart, our representatives abuse our rights.

This is a statement by Dennis Baylor, Made on March 13, 2008.

The charts in this show that over the last 40 years, as the Legislature has learned to guarantee incumbency through gerrymandering, it has now split up 122 muncipalities. Previously it split only 77. This simple fact shows how wrong all the Representatives are on redistricting reform. It is needed and they are abusing the voters. Continue reading